Configs.Cloud : Free Version

Understanding FREE VERSION !!

Configs.Cloud : Free Version

Configs.Cloud is Fully Featured "FREE" configuration management software provided with some limitations - especially around advanced features or customizations. For most users, we believe, this version of software will fully suffice their requirements and will easily plugin into the existing application and platform models without adding much of a overhead, while bringing in better management of configurations.

This software could be used by any application, by leveraging the REST APIs, irrespective of either

  • cloud hosted or internally hosted
  • written in any technology
  • running on any platform.
Configs.Cloud Free Version is made available for - Startups, SME's, Enterprises, Defence, Public sector, Free lance Developers, Designers - literally Anyone and Everyone.

This version is a fully featured software, and differ from our enterprise version with very few functionalities mentioned under the Enterprise section below.

NOTE: This software is governed by Free Licence Agreement.
Refer "Product Tour" pages for more information / demo of the product and its features.

FREE Version Features

Configuration Management Manage all your Configurations from one single management Portal (and) interact using REST APIs to retrieve configurations from either your platform or application or DevOps processes. Refer "Product Tour" pages for more information / demo of the product and how to manage configurations.
Management Console Fully featured management console to manage / compare configurations. User can add, remove or edit configurations, view previous versions of configurations, view configurations specific to a environment and compare latest configuration versions between different environments. Refer "Product Tour" pages for more information / demo of Management Console.
REST APIs Integrate with either your application (or) your platform (or) application build process, DevOps processes, BPM's or any other cloud hosted platforms, using simple REST based APIs.
Password Management Manage Application Passwords as another configuration, stored in the database in a encrypted format. Retrieve passwords either in encrypted or decrypted formats via REST API calls. Choose password encryption algorithm of your choice from the available list.
Environment Awareness All configurations are environment aware. Use this feature to create environment aware configurations, manage application behaviour with environment specific configuraitons, clone and promote configurations to different environments with deployments.
Configuration Versioning & Auditing Every change on a configuration adds a new version for a configuration, and every change in audited. This gives complete visibility on all actions around configurations in a simple yet powerful way.