Configs.Cloud : Enterprise Version

Understanding Enterprise Version

Configs.Cloud : Enterprise Version

Configs.Cloud is Fully Featured Configuration management software, which is fully customizable for almost all of your configuration needs. The Free Version gives a glimpse of the core product and its functionality under limited conditions. In the enterprise version, which is a more advanced product, is available to almost all paying customers, under licence.

Configs.Cloud fits your Cloud Application / Cloud Platforms Configuration management needs and is provided to securely store your configuration data.

This software could be used by any application, by leveraging the REST APIs, irrespective of whether they are:

  • cloud hosted or internally hosted
  • written in any technology
  • running on any platform.
Configs.Cloud is a Platform Independent, "fully change audited" configuration management sevice, hosted (optionally) on cloud, with in-built "Versioning" per configuration, multiple "Environment" support for configurations stored securely and available using REST APIs.
Configs.Cloud's advanced features are available below in this page. If you need any more further customization on this product, simply ask.

For discussoins / demo of our enterprise product version, integration with your application stack, simply visit our contact us pages for details. We pride ourselves in providing quick response, so as to give great value to our prospects and customers.

Refer "Product Tour" pages for more information / demo of the Free version of the product and its features.

Enterprise Version "Key Features"

Enhanced Secuity Configuration Metadata is key to any organization. Right confiurations are key for business continuity. Configs.Cloud provides enhanced security features in the Enterprise version, at different tiers of this application. Refer "Security" pages for more information around security implementation at different layers of the application. If you are looking for any other security feature or implementation simply Contact Us .
Advanced Deployment Model While Free Version is provided as a "hosted application", there are multiple Deployment options for the "Enterprise version". Refer "Deployment" pages for more information around different deployment options currently suported. If you are looking for any other deployment model (or) feature (or) Integration with your DevOps processes (or) implementation simply Contact Us .
Configurable Environments Most of the configurations are usually environment aware. They could vary slightly based on environments. In Enterprise Version, you can add any number of Configurable environments and manage configurations in them accordingly. Refer "Help > Environments" pages for more information around configuring and using Environments in If you are looking for any other features around environments (or) implementation simply Contact Us .
Training, Consulting & Support For Enterprise versions users, we provided training and support via different modes. Refer "Training & Support" pages for more information around the differnt training options provided by If you are looking for any consulting around Configuration Management of any existing system (or) introducing a new configuration management system (or) any specific 3/4 or multi dimensional Configuration implementation simply Contact Us .
Query Configurations Use Simple Query language on REST APIs to query bunch of configurations of your choice. Use these from your platform configuration, application or your DevOps processes to retrieve part of the configurations. Refer "Training & Support" pages for more information around the differnt training options provided by around these query language

Contact us today, for enquiries on using Configs.Cloud in your Enterprise.