Configs.Cloud : Deployment Models

Understanding different Deployment Models


  • Deployment Models | Free Version

    • Pre-Hosted App
  • Deployment Models | Enterprise Version

    • Cloud Hosted
    • Private Cloud Hosted
    • Internal Hosted / On Premise Hosted
    • Embedded within Application Server (Java Runtime Only)

Configs.Cloud : Free Version

Config.Cloud Free Version is available as a hosted application only. 

This is a publicly available and shared deployment with multiple users. It is recommended that you take regular backups of your data content.

There are not much restrictions around usage of Hosted Free Tier Config. Cloud, however,  as this is a free software and available to the larger developer, startup  and small business community (and of course to larger enterrprises too), th e user is expected to respect usage of this software  in a manner which doesnt interfere with the performance degradation or availability of the product for others.

Pease refer to our Terms of Use for more information on the detailed restrictions around this software and our Limitation of Liability

Configs.Cloud : Enterprise Version

Config.Cloud Enterprise Version provides a much wider range of Deployment Options. Other than the ones mentioned below, we can accomodate other deployment options on request as well.

Some of the most common models that we support are as below.

Cloud Hosted

Configs.Cloud will be hosted in a cloud platform of customers' choice. 
Our platform of preference AWS or Azure, although we have validated this software also on Google Cloud, cfApps and Software AG Cloud. 
We consider Configs.Cloud's codebase as platform independent and hence is suitable on most cloud platforms. 

Private Cloud Hosted If you already have a private cloud hosted within your premises (or) on cloud, then this platform can be hosted in this platform.
Internal Hosted (or) On Premise Hosted

Configs.Cloud can be hosted as an internal application within an enterprise based on request. 
We consider Configs.Cloud's codebase as platform independent and hence is suitable on mostcustomer platforms.

Embedded platform can be embedded / OEM'd with a product. This request will be evaluated on a requets by request basis.
Contact us today, for enquiries on using Configs.Cloud in your Enterprise.